Day Red Yuexi Shi Guan: Mountain Qingshui Green "Le" farmhouse

Old Liu expanded the scale of farmhouse. He often is a room that is often a room in this summer. The people’s network Wang Ruihua photo is like this, and after retirement, he has been tossed, and the heart of the farmhouse is officially opened in 2015. In 2017, the old Liu, who had more business, and added investment in expanding the scale of operation, and the number of rooms flooked on the original basis. At the same time, it was able to accommodate 48 guests, which can meet 100 people every day. Lao Liu’s farmhouse is close to the 105 National Highway, push the door, opposite the Lion Cave 闵行水磨会所论坛419 Mountain.

In the weekdays, tourists fish fishing, climbing mountains, picking picking … You are different from the hustle and bustle of the city, the idyllic life here is so excused.

It’s all passenger. Whether it is in the early days, still now, but the guest is coming, Lao Liu is just a shopkeeper, but also a guide. Although he did not engage in the service industry, he understood the service of the service,上海品茶论坛社区 environmental hygiene, the price affordable is the operation of farmhouse. When I went, my head was in the old Liu, and I slowly became turning back.

"The room should be booked half a month in advance. When you are in summer, you will be earlier, and the old coar is still 60 days. This is also the most busy time of farmhouse." Lao Liu said, planing last year The impact does not say, the basic annual hair income in the first two years is around 600,000.

It is also the old Liu to the villagers to open a good head. I saw the development of Wajin Summer and Summer, many villagers are eager to try, enthusiasm is very high, and the more far becomes more popular.



Agricultural Development Shandong Branch: Press the scientific and technological communication fast forward button to create a new scene for the people

The agricultural issue of Shandong Branch adheres to the practice of history, through anchoring "Science and Technology Employment" main line, focusing on the 上海哪里有桑拿按摩 "cumbersome registration process" reflected in the masses, select the provincial business department as a pilot, full stand up "Internet + Small Mortgage Registration" service line provides users with "no see" "one-stop service" financial application new scene, quickly discharging the "last kilometer" of Hui Limin ". Up and down, the first special line "Dai People’s sleep". The bank insisted on "a plate of chess" ideas, operation technology and other rooms, visited the People’s Bank, Real Estate Trading Center, Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and assigned professionals to register online mortgage system for bank peer access The situation is meticulously investigated, and the bell is called the feasibility of developing a new scene of financial applications.

At the same time, the elite team is formed with the pilot line. For the network configuration and operation involved in the mortgage system, the system entry points and digital requirements, the latest institutional measures for the latest system, "the upper and lower coordination, curse debugging, and political and silver docking, Test Feedback "The key links can carry out multi-dimensional, finely graded data coupling, providing powerful technology support for the system.

With the strong support of the head office science and technology department, in the pilot range, the bank is in the system first uses the credit line model. By docking with the people’s Bank "Total", put the technology element into the business full process in fine grainization, With the "Political Silver Special Line" of the Municipal Big Data Bureau, nearly 50 banks in the city are connected to the city, and the online mortgage registration business is fully carried out by signing the 47 banking financial institutions in the city. At present, online processing and date on the same day through electronic signature and electronic license. It is simple to simplify, save time and effort. The bank’s "approval, slow, dried urgency", etc. of the company, extends the real estate registration service window to the institutional network, through the data "run road", substitute the masses, large amplitude The time compressed time, the implementation of mortgage registration "No face" approval, "one-stop" to do, truly "zero run, on the spot", get the corporate customers and the people sincerely praise. At the same time, it is effective to solve problems such as before, loan, loan, after loan, after loan, break the information barrier, innovate service model, realize information 爱上海同城对对碰女生 sharing, truly let the service object "run once", release "finance + Technology "innovative vitality, play a positive role in breaking through the popular financial bottleneck.

Process reconstruction, technology helps "warm people".

The row passes the "one thing" synthesis "one thing", through sharing real estate information, to achieve the online verification of real estate information by sharing real estate information, achieving "loan, loan, loan" link, thus involved 12 parts of materials were reduced to 3 copies, and more than 10 sheets of contract materials were reduced to 2 pages. According to estimates, it was estimated that companies can reduce the application materials per year, and the cumulative cancellation of 400,000 copies, cumulative 上海洗浴论坛 reduction windows 300,000, the number of paper data is reduced by 30%, and the content elements are filled in less than 55%. The effectiveness is increased by more than 50%. The overall performance is speed-up. The cost is reduced, and the technology to help digitize the transformation of the transformation, becoming the masses. An important window for practical practical activities. (Yang Xiaoyang Dezhi Sun Fa Xin) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.



12 autonomous expert service grassroots projects 上海龙凤419油压 have been supported

Core Tip: Recently, the Autonomous Region Association identified 12 2021 autonomous regional expert service grassroots projects, and each project will receive 50,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan of funding. Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Liangle) Recently, the Autonomous Region Association identified 12 2021 autonomous regional expert service grassroots projects, and each project will receive 50,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan funded support. These items ended at the end of September next year. In the meantime, each school will organize experts to conduct services to the grassroots level, solve the development challenge, improve the level of science and technology applications, and promote the construction of talents, and strongly promote the development of local key industries. These projects are: Xinjiang Micro-Biological Society Wine Expert Team Service Tianshan North Wine Enterprise Project; Demonstration and Promotion of Comprehensive Technology of Xinjiang Walnuts in Xinjiang Society; Xinjiang Horticultural Society Anyr Township Red Date Promotional Equipment Technology Promotion Demonstration; the intelligent monitoring technology demonstration application of the wine industry of the Science and Technology University 上海高端工作室外卖of Xinjiang University; Xinjiang University of Science and Technology Association Huatai Company Supporting the R & D for the R & D of the Robot of the Robot; Yili Normal University Science and Technology Xinyuan County Alshi Village Agriculture and Herd Workers Tourism Ability training and improvement; Xinjiang livestock and veterinary medical admiration Promotion service; Xinjiang Fire Association Socialization Fire Technology Consulting Service and Science Education; Xinjiang Culinary Association Services Country Chinese Cooking, Chinese Disease Technical Guidance Sales practice.

It is understood that combined with the Work deployment of Kechuang China, Xinjiang launched the 2021 Autonomous Region Expert Service Grassroots Project Collection Activities, and eventually bisted 12 expert service grassroots projects.江浙沪娱乐地图

These projects will receive 50,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan fund support, and the project assignment unit needs to submit the progress of the project regularly, and is completed before September 30, 2022.

Each Society will send experts to the grassroots level. In order to promote the development of the top ten industries, the industrial chain is modernized, and the development of a two-three production integration, accelerating the construction of modern industrial systems, promoting high quality and comprehensive development, etc., including and It is not limited to the improvement of the top ten industrial technology applications, and cultivates the relevant industrial talent team, establishing an expert service base, implementing an expert knot to help.



Do a good job in winter respiratory infectious disease prevention and control

Original title: Do a good job in winter respiratory infectious disease prevention and control in Gansu New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Press (March 10), Gansu Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Department Acute Infectious Disease Prevention , The chief physician Zhang Hong gives this recommendation and reminder.

Zhang Hong said that due to the cold weather, the air is dry, especially the cold flow, the province has a large range of cooling, the defense function of the respiratory mucosa will be directly affected, bacterial, viruses and other pathogens can take advantage of, tuberculosis, epidemic Percate infectious diseases such as mumps, seasonal flu, chickenpox, have a large number of cases with respiratory infection symptoms, will increase the complexity of medical institutions to differential diagnosis of new coronal pneumonia, some new crown pneumonia may be difficult to obtain timely discovery and management It will exacerbate the risk of new crown viruses. Every October month of October, the flow is high, and the winter is also a high incidence of viral diarrhea. It mainly infects infants, school-age children and primary school students. It is easy to have an outbreak in the childhood institution and school. With the end of autumn harvest, and the weather is getting cold, the rodent (rat) will enter people living indoor foraging, heating, and the chance of Hantan virus infected with the Hantan virus is increased to cause blood type.

Since 2018, in February to the following year, some counties in some counties in the southeastern region of Gansu Province, the incidence of reports of individual counties have been located in the top ten in the country.

In 上海千花论坛 order to do a good job in winter respiratory infectious disease prevention, Zhang Hong suggested that the people do four aspects: First, pay attention to cold, warm, especially in the northern region, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, the temperature difference is large, should pay attention to keep warm, beware of colds and respiratory diseases. The second is to ensure that the dust ventilation in time 逍遥网论坛上海品茶 is to reduce and inhibit the survival and reproduction of pathogens.

The third is to properly carry out outdoor activities to improve the cardiopulmonary function, so that the body is better adjusted and adapts to the variable climate. The fourth is to eat more spleen and stomach food, such as chicken, duck, lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. containing vitamins, trace elements, and can help increase body immunity.

Zhang Hong said that due to the risk of neoguan pneumonia and flu superpneal pneumonia and influenza in autumn and winter, the general public should pay more attention to self-protection, implement the epidemic prevention "three sets": wearing masks, social distance, personal hygiene; protection "five also": The mask must continue to wear, the social distance is still left, coughing is still covered, and the hands should be washed frequently, and the windows must be opened as possible. It is recommended that there is no contraindication of people to complete the new crown vaccine to immunize and strengthen the needle vaccination, and can also be inoculated with influenza vaccine to reduce the risk of seasonal flu, and inoculate the hemorrhagic vaccine to prevent infection of Haman viruses. Lanzhou Daily, full media reporter Liu Xiaofang (responsible: Zhou Yuting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.



Beijing Standard Performance Executive Behavior Strengthening the Performance Market Supervision

People’s Network Beijing November 15 (Yin Xingyun) To further standardize the performance of performance, strengthen the performance market supervision, promote the health and prosperity of the Capital Arts and Art, and the Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau carefully deployed the comprehensive management of the city’s business performance field. Work, based on "a total of a total requirements + N item self-discipline Convention", with industry compliance manual as support, "daily inspection + special inspection + industry self-examination" is constrained, standing, building mechanism, action, Creating a good dynamic ecological environment in which the wind is positive.

A general requirement, the "Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau on the Standard Performance of the Performance" to strengthen the market supervision to promote the health and orderly development of the Capital Art stage Health Prosperity (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"). The document has undermed the spirit of comprehensive management work in the national cultural field, organically integrates related 上海水疗桑拿论坛 requirements of the city, launched a comprehensive management plan for business performances with "Beijing Characteristics" "First Good Standard".

"Notice" is based on "a center", namely: strengthening the education management and moral construction of the executive personnel, resolutely resisting the illegal and illegal misfortune, and build a good ecology in the field of cultural performances, and promoting the health and orderly development of the capital literary stage health. From the active performance of the performance, strengthen the supervision of performance activities, play the self-discipline of the industry, strengthen the four aspects of education and training, launch 14 specific measures, the relevant main body, government management department, and performances 上海贵族宝贝交流群 of the performance market. Clear requirement. In terms of regulating the subject matter, including 7 requirements, including 7 specific requirements. First, the performance of the performance artwork; the second is to perform a brokerage agency (studio), a literary performance group, and the executive unit of the executive site, the organizers, etc., organizing business performance requirements; three is the performance broker (studio), literary performance group, The performance unit of the performance site and other performances shall organize the management requirements of the actor; the four is the performance unit of the performance unit (studio), a literary performance group, and the performance unit of the performance site, and the operation of the business performance activities; five is the performance broker ( Studio) and performance brokers enhance the performance requirements of performing brokerage management; Sixth, strengthening the refinement management requirements for business performance industries, especially performance brokers (studios) and performance brokers; seven is to implement business performance actors’ fan society Group management, performance stars financial products and gaming products endorsement management and other regulatory rules. 3 requirements were included in the supervision of performance activities.

First, strict performance review.

The second is to do a good job in the field management. The third is to strengthen daily supervision and inspection. In terms of the self-discipline of the industry, 2 requirements are included. First, the Beijing Performance Industry Association, the Capital Theater Alliance and other functions in the field of organizational work requirements; the second is the work requirements of the Beijing Network Culture Association.

In strengthening education and training guidance, 2 requirements. First, we must establish a normalization and subclassifying training mechanism; second, strengthen positive publicity boot. N-Industry Self-discipline Convention, relying on the power of the industry, issues a moral behavioral standard initiative to relevant professionals in the field of performance, and plans to launch the "Professional Ethics Convention on the Performing Arts of Beijing", "Beijing Network Performance (Live, Short Video) Broker Industry Self-discipline Initiative Convention, etc., build industry self-discipline protection nets.

The comprehensive management system of all parties, "Notice" has been integrated into the city cultural market, the local culture and tourism bureaus, the economic and technological development zone propaganda Cultural Department, the Bureau, Beijing Performance Industry Association, Beijing Network Culture Association , The Capital Theater Alliance, each performance broker (studio), literary performance group, the business unit of the performance unit, play the main body of the municipal, land, industry, market main body, performance artifact, etc., forming comprehensive management in the field of performance Powerful cooperation.

Strengthen "opening the door to ask for politics" and do a good job of supervision.

The Beijing Wenke Bureau invited well-known artists and industry representatives to participate in the review of the "Notice" and listen to the professional opinions on the management of cultural fields. Alliance, the main person in charge, covers an important subject in the governance of entertainment. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.



China decided to recall the ambassador to Lithuania: urge the cube immediately correct the error decision

People’s Network Beijing August 10th according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This will openly violate the spirit of the establishment of diplomatic commission on the two countries, seriously 上海干磨和水磨 damage the integrity of China’s sovereignty and territory. The Chinese government said resolutely opposed it and decided to recall the ambassador of China in Lithuania, and asked the government to recall the Ambassador to China. China is in place, only one in the world, the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all China. A Chinese principle is a recognized international relations 上海干磨论坛 criteria and the general consensus of the international community, which is a political foundation for China’s bilateral relations with other countries.

The Chinese government and people achieve the determination of the unified motherland, safeguarding the national sovereignty and the full red line of the territorial integrity. We urge the cubes immediately correct the wrong decision, take practical measures, eliminate bad influence, do not get more far from the wrong road. We are also telling the Taiwan authorities, "Taiwan independence" is a dead road, and it is absolutely not succeeded in the international intervals.

(Editor: Liu Jie, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.



Gucheng Hall officially launched Hong Kong stocks

  People’s Network Guangzhou November 30 (L.) On November 30, Gucheng Hall held a global issue of the press conference in Guangzhou and officially launched Hong Kong stocks. It is reported that the Sichuan Hall of the Shengli Tang proposed to issue 27.88 million shares and priced interval. Gu Jingtang is the largest Chinese medicine health care provider, mainly through offline medical institutions and online medical health platforms to provide customers with comprehensive Chinese medicine health care services and products to meet customer diversified medical health management needs.

  After 11 years of business development, the business model of Gu Jing Tang continues to optimize, through the online business integration, rich physician resources and stable supply chain, from the high-barrier Chinese medicine big health market, by the market recognition. As of June 30 this year, the physician practitioners in Gu Jingtang Medical Service Network has exceeded 19,000, of which 7794 chief physicians and deputy chief physicians.

In the 56 Master of Medicine, Gucheng Hall has 4. The company also established a strategic cooperative relationship with three levels of hospitals and the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to expand the physician team. In addition to the strong physician team, the higher customer retransmission proves the degree of recognition in the heart of the patient.

In the first half of 2019 to 2021, the company’s returning ratio is%,% and%, respectively.

  At the same time as the business base is constantly consolidated, the revenue of Gu Jing Tang has risen sharply. From 2018 上海高端私人工作室 to 2020, the company’s revenue is from 100 million yuan (unit: RMB, the same), billion yuan, billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate is%, and the income billion in the first half of 2021, the year-on-year increases. According to the data of Franist Shari, in 2020, the total income meter produced by the medical health solution is ranked in China’s private new Chinese medicine medical services provider in China 上海水磨会所论坛 and online medical services networks. First.

  In recent years, China’s large health industry has expanded. At the same time, a good policy is frequent.

The first stock of TCM services landed in Hong Kong, which is undoubtedly an important incident in the history of China’s Chinese medicine industry, attracting the first-class institution investors.

  The cornerstone investors include Ruiyuan Fund, Boxing Capital, Hi Zhi Capital, and Silver Ubsamsingapore, all of which are known as the market, and select the well-known investment institutions of high-quality stock investment, and the total subscription is about $ 42 million or billions of Hong Kong dollars. Number of offer shares, about 42% of the sale shares. (Editor: Li Lang, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.



Chen Min Tang Liang Zhi Zhang Xuan Wang Hao participated in the 2021 volunteer tree planting activities

Original title: Everyone participated in the whole people to plant trees, let Chongqing land more green, this newspaper (Reporter Yang Fan Zhang Wei) Spring Strong is like rain, the river is busy.

On March 19th, Chen Min, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Xuan, director of the Municipal Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Zhang 上海千花论坛约会归来 Xuan, the president of the Municipal People’s Congress, Wang Hao, came to Nan’an District, Guangyang Bay, participated in the voluntary tree planting activities, and the people of the cadres, Join hands with the beautiful land of the mountains to add new green.

  Wu Coirong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor of the municipal government.

  Spring Yangtze River, the green trees are shaded, and the grass. In the Guangyang Bay, which is expected to be in the Yajiang River, presents a unique Jiang Bay style. Chen Min, Tang Liangzhi, Zhang Xuan, Wang Wei, etc. came here, carefully understand the new progress made by Guangyang Island Zhichuang Ecological City, listening to the construction of "two-shot Qingshan · 上海品茶上课 Qianlin Belt" in Chongqing section of Changjiang. In recent years, the ecological restoration of Guangyang Island has been promoted, the mountain repair, water resumption, vegetation planting, etc., the ecological environment in the district is significantly improved, the beautiful picture of "Yangtze River Landscape, Chongqing Eco Island" is slowly launched. Chen Min listened carefully, inquiry asking for the planning and design, spatial layout, key project progress of Guangyang Island Zhichuang Ecological City, understanding environmental protection and ecological construction results.

He said that the Guangyang Island is a beautiful business card for the beautiful land of the city. Planning and building Zhi Chuang Ecology City, highlighting the ecological theme, highlighting intelligent characteristics, improves supporting function, continues to do a good job in ecological protection and repair work, so that the beautiful ecology is better to serve the people’s quality life.

  Subsequently, Chen Min, Tang Liangzhi, Zhang Xuan, Wang Wei, etc. Springs such as camphor, flora. In the spring breeze, the tree planting scene is a scene, a tree seedlings are standing upright.

Chen Min played a seedlings, asked about the soil of the Yangtze River, the application of the bare tree species, and the area of ??the tree, and the city’s land greening tree planting, this year’s tree planting activities were carried out. He is in the relevant departments, to do a good job of subsequent management of saplings, let the small tree becomes a big tree, and add green to the Yangtze River Ecology. Chen Min said that ecological environment protection is "the big man of the country", Xi Jinping’s general book remember to bes.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the national obligation tree, and it is also the year of implementation of the "Two Sides of the San Shiller, Qianlin Belt". It is necessary to deeply learn the ideas of Xi Jinping, and resolutely implement the "total protection, do not engage in the development" policy, and firmly establish green water. Improve the overall quality of natural ecosystem upstream in the Yangtze River. To effectively improve the comprehensive benefits of tree planting, enhance the ecological function of forestry cultivation, carbon-free oxygen release, excavate various value of forestry, improve the value of forestry economy, and truly do trees for people, benefiting the masses.

It is necessary to give full play to the system advantage of the whole people, adhere 上海水磨工作室论坛 to the leadership, everyone participates, use great spring light, build a green home, let Chongqing big land more green, let a river clear water, two sides of the green mountains. The person in charge of the relevant departments of the municipal departments of the city.

(Editor: Cao Wei, Xie Lei).



Country revitalization looks at Hainan Central Media joint investigation to develop the Village of Hainan

Yang Xiaogang gave a flag to the media unit. Yang Xiaogang, deputy director of Xinhua Net (Zhang Fan) Hainan Provincial Rural Revitalization, said in the launching ceremony, the current Hainan rural revitalization work mainly in the historical transfer of the center of gravity of "three rural" 上海有情调的喝茶地方 work, maintaining the overall stability of the organization, and preventing regeneration monitoring And the help mechanism, pay attention to stimulating the power of the masses and self-development skills, promoting the consolidation of the effective connection of the rural resolution, and explored an agricultural rural modernization in the construction of China’s characteristic free trade port. At the launching ceremony, Yang Xiaogang gave a flag to the media unit.

The "rural revitalization see Hainan" CHANCE Trade Hong Kong Bank Activity Focus "Consolidation Expands Poverty Adventures", focusing on the industrial poverty alleviation effect, the poverty poverty, the guarantee of the poverty poverty, the changes of poverty poverty, etc. In terms of visiting research, we will go out in the countryside in the western county of Hainan. New changes in rural life, the new highlights of the people, the new model of rural development and the fruitful results of village revitalization. The event was guided by the propaganda department of Hainan Provincial Party Committee, hosted by Hainan Provincial Rural Zhenxing Bureau, Hainan Su Yueke Technology Co., Ltd. (Editor: Liu Yangyang, Jiang Chengliu) Sharing let more people see client 夜上海社区 downloads.



Down 1000 yuan a month off-season steel market outlook is still characterized by significant downside

  It is looking for steel statistics, since mid-October, the domestic steel prices have dropped significantly, the cumulative 上海水磨工作室24小时 decline in more than thousand dollars per ton of steel.

With rebar and hot rolled coil, for example, as of November 18, Hangzhou, Shanghai rebar and hot rolled coil prices were 4630 yuan / ton and 4680 yuan / ton, down 1350 yuan / ton in mid-October, the high price point, respectively, and 1210 yuan / ton. Insiders said that at present, the steel industry characteristics significantly off-season.

On the one hand are coal, iron ore and other raw material prices continued to decline in steel prices driven by high callback; on the other hand is down more than 30% year on year real estate new construction area, resulting in a marked decline in steel demand an end. In the case of supply and demand pattern steel market gradually turned loose and continue down the cost of support, the latter continued weak domestic 上海外菜资源 steel prices or bottom.

  Supply and demand for round two weak steel prices fell sharply, looking for a senior researcher steel Cengliang think mainly caused by two factors. On the one hand due to high coal prices were falling rapidly after the policy control, coupled with iron ore prices continued to fall, driven by raw material costs significantly down steel prices high callback; on the other hand, fell more than 30% year on year real estate new construction area, resulting in end steel demand significant decline year on year. Lange Steel Research Center, Wang Guoqing, director of the China Securities, told reporters that the recent steel industry raw materials prices fell significantly, some steel mills purchase price of coke in Shanxi cumulative down 600 yuan / ton, the Platts iron ore price index has fallen to $ 上海24小时按摩 / ton. "The current weak steel market both supply and demand, crude steel production Yajian, autumn and winter heating season air pollution control and peak load shifting production of all steel production release constrain, blast furnace operating rate and yield showed a significant downward trend in November and gradually into the winter, coupled with the recent cold wave ushered in the country, gradually weakened demand for building materials.

"Wang Guoqing expressed.

  Due to the rapid sharp decline in steel prices, the current steel production on a monthly profit dropped significantly.

Find the cost of steel steel profit monitoring models show that as of November 18, blast furnace steel mills in east China profit of 542 yuan / ton, the monthly decline of 544 yuan / ton, down 56 yuan / ton in the previous year. For the steel market outlook, Cengliang said that at present, domestic steel prices are still untold bottomed out late or there is still some downside.

On the one hand, coking coal, coke and other raw material prices are still in the downstream channel, the price of raw materials down the negative feedback will drive steel prices continue to weaken; on the other hand, a large area of ??northern cool weather, heavy snowfall, further repression of end demand, taking into account the terminal the seasonal decline in demand for steel, steel inventory to speed will gradually slow down, and tired of the library is expected to increase. Therefore, the pattern of supply and demand in the steel market gradually shifted under the loose and the cost of support to continue down the situation, the latter continued weak domestic steel prices or bottom. Recently strictly control production, Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province and Hebei Province Department jointly issued the ecological environment, "2021, Hebei Province – Notification production program in 2022 heating season the steel industry peak shifting work" (the "Notice"), a clear November 2021 From 15 to 15 March 2022 between the dates of domestic iron and steel smelting enterprises in Hebei Province (including central enterprises, Tianjin enterprises) peak load shifting production, involving areas including Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Handan, Xingtai, Cangzhou, Xinji, Chengde, Zhangjiakou Qinhuangdao. This is the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of the Environment eco-released in September 30th – "After two departments regarding the development of 2021 in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas to inform the steel industry peak load shifting production of the 2022 heating season," the steel industry in Hebei Province peak load shifting production again be issued a document reiterated. "Notice" requirement in November 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021, crude steel production in the region to ensure the completion Yajian objectives and tasks.

Emissions of air pollutants January 1, 2022 to March 15, 2022, in order to reduce heating season increased as the goal, in principle, the relevant market peak shifting production of iron and steel enterprises crude steel production no less than the same period of the previous year 30%. Hebei Province requirements, focusing on the long process of production enterprises to implement load shifting.

Blast furnace shutdown peak shifting device based, can not be replaced in order to reduce the load of production.

Supporting the blast furnace coke, sinter, pellets, lime and other production equipment staggering ratio of not less than the ratio of production of blast furnace staggering. For since 2021 the central environmental inspectors, iron and steel to production capacity, "looking back" presence inspection found illegal activities, capacity utilization more than 120%, not included Industry and Information Technology Department of the steel industry norms announcement steel companies (new production but temporarily except without the announcement of the Ministry of Industry norms enterprises), the above three cases occur each case, the proportion of enterprises peak load shifting production increased by 5 percentage points.

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