The headline of the Renmin Lane, Yinchuan: Push the window to see the green, push the door to see the city update to the United States

The headline of the Renmin Lane, Yinchuan: Push the window to see the green, push the door to see the city update to the United States

A comparative chart before and after the reconstruction of Tiancheng Community in Xingqing District, Yinchuan City.

The Yinchuan City Housing and Construction Bureau is for more than 2020, and the Xingqing District Government has invested more than 20 million yuan to implement energy-saving renovation projects and environmental improvement projects in Tiancheng Community, including heating and transformation, roof waterproof and other projects.

"After the transformation, the heating can be hot, and it is a thin, sleeping in the evening." Mr. Feng, the residents of the community. After solving the urgency of residents, Tiancheng Community has also conducted a smart renovation project to further enhance the residents’ experience.

"Now brushing your face, you can enter the community, don’t worry about it ‘Don’t have a heart’ to mix into the community, stay more comfortable." Mr. Feng said. In recent years, through the renovation of the old community, Yinchuan City has created a group of transformation models represented by Tiancheng Community in Xingqing District. It has been in the past, and now it has become a comprehensive facility and has intelligent equipment. The new community, infrastructure function is improved and improved. "People-oriented, Ligin Huimin. Adhere to the people’s cities for the people, put the short board, and Huimin students as the starting point and the foothold of the urban function and quality improvement.

"The relevant person in charge of the Yinchuan City Housing and Construction Bureau said that in the next three years, Yinchuan City will continue to promote the renovation of old community. In the improvement of the old community for drainage, power supply, gas supply, heating, communication and other supporting municipal infrastructure It will also reasonably use the community idle storage resources to comprehensively increase the urban supply of community service facilities, build community education, pension, children, leisure, convenience, etc. Framework, policy system and working mechanism; to the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, basically completed the need to transform the old community before the end of 2000, and actively promote the renovation task of renovation of old communities before the end of 2005.

Improve the early winter in the city with the United States, Tang Yukun, who passed through Yinchuan City, is quiet, the shore is a lively neighborhood, full of smoke.

Carrying Yinchuan People ‘s "Old Town Memory".

This year, Yinchuan City surrounded the "Tang Yu Memory", built the characteristic street area of ??Xing Renxiang, and transformed the existing building, the street style, and more than 50 "live rehabilitage" operations in the street, forming the life of the old neighborhood. Original, continuously enhance the characteristic brand of the old Tang Dynasty. Walking in Xing Renxiang, you can see the simple style of the old district, feel the familiar atmosphere. However, carefully designed signboards and street fun, let the old merchants here are full of vitality.