Selling the work of the workers "is a hurry" – Longjiang Senga Group launched "I do practical things for the masses"

Selling the work of the workers "is a hurry" – Longjiang Senga Group launched "I do practical things for the masses"

Strengthen the construction of the beautiful forest farm, implement the "Double Hundred" project, solve the problem of dredges, farmland paving, edible bacteria application loans, etc., Since the development of the party history I do practical practices for the masses "practice activities as an important part of the testing of party history, timely and efficiently solve the problems of the people" urgent expensive ", and promote the study of party history and study, and work.

Up to now, 961 pieces of practical items have been completed, accounting for% in the beginning of the year.

In the hard work of the party history, the Group’s headquarters will solve the shortage of talents, the talented reserves, and the excellent young cadres in the 80s are small, solving that some of the retired soldiers in the forest area are not placed, and there is no timely issuance of life subsidies. Special action; Complete 18 practical things such as cultivation planting technology such as vegetables, edible bacteria, and economic forests. Among them, "In-depth development of forest farm (central environmental rectification promotion) and" supporting a country country revitalization greening and landscaping ", fully highlighting the responsibility and responsibility of the midgers.

In Longjiang Forest District, a beautiful forest farm is in full swing. Transplanted trees, upgrade leisure areas … All forest farms are upgraded with hardware and software facilities.

Since June, the Group has increased policy support, broadening financing channels, establishing a diversified long-term input mechanism, and supports conditions of the forest farm (") to the forest area environmental infrastructure and specialty industries, leisurely recruitment, mountain village tourism Organic combination, simultaneous development, and realize the development of forest area industrial integration and hierarchical progress.

On April 15, Longjiang Senga Group supported the "Double Hundred" action launched by the local rural resolution of the local countryside. Up to now, all forestry bureaus companies in the group have supported 174 green lanes, providing thousands of seedlings. Sultiple forestry bureaus began in May, and every month has a business guidance to help the village for business guidance, tracking the effectiveness, ensuring that the tree planting is planted, and a piece of live is planted. "This year, because of the strong support of Muling Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., the town environment has been renewed, and the greenery has achieved a suitable, and there is a problem.

"The deputy director of Muling Town is full of" Double Hundred "Action. Into the" Small Cutting "" Now, we will not be afraid of the sun and rain, but also sitting and resting. It is so convenient. "Under the new waiting booth, the two-way posts of the Suiyang Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd., and the Shuangli Zi Lin Farm have given this real thing to the Suyang Bureau.

The reporter learned that due to the changes in the bus route, the employees of the two-way grunge operations and the two-lying management office need to intercept the bus to Suiyang on the roadside, which is not only the danger of waiting for the rain and snow, and it is difficult to travel. Today, there is a clear waiting station, two units of employees, the people who have no need to wait on the roadside as before, greatly enhance the safety and convenience of travel. Inadvertently, the Fang Zheng Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. is located in the depths of the mountain, and the three households live in the river in the field.

Because the impact of the typhoon, connecting rainfall, "crossing the river bridge" is damaged, they have to wear boots and rivers rivers. Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. is facilitating planting households, in the agricultural machinery; Chaihe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. is a 21st forest farm 4041 households to handle policy agricultural insurance … The masses have no small things, in the party In history, various forestry bureaus Ltd. has drawn a list, a list, from the actual departure, and solve the demand for the staff.

See the true love, Longjiang Senga Group acts on "small incision", and puts the real thing to the people’s heart. Only dedication to the trail board on the scenic spline road, rebuild the infrastructure … In order to fix the "Mother’s top", the "Mother’s Top" in the AAAA Class Scenic Area "Mother’s Top", which is seriously affected by the typhoon last year, soon, open the door, Qinghe Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Party Cadre More than 400 employees, from May 22, the installment is batch from the scenic spot, carrying out the obligational dedication, and helps the restrictions.

In the summer of July, it is hot and cold.

The majority of party members are not afraid of sunning, not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tired, and laid damaged plants.

Shoulder-resistant hand, every one is going to 20 nine-nine transport materials. In the 18-kilometer water source transformation, the total demand for the riverbone with different specifications of the underlying filter feedstock is 10,000 cubic meters, and the mechanical screening is high and is not suitable for large river pebble screening.

In response to this situation, more than 100 party members cadres in Jihe Forestry Bureau have gathered from the dry food to the water source and renovate the construction site, with the hands of the stones, and scored different models of filter material river pebbles.

The Morning Ganguang Group Co., Ltd. takes the "I do practical things for the masses" as an opportunity to invite professors, agronomics technicians, brand fertilizers and pesticide manufacturers to form two joint groups, and go to 23 Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. Send science and technology to the countryside, serve the forest area farming production "service activities.