Xiushan County Human Environment Remediation is a rural vibration to increase "Yan" to increase "quality"

Xiushan County Human Environment Remediation is a rural vibration to increase "Yan" to increase "quality"

Change the hindle environment.

Xiushan County Committee Propaganda Department is a map of Chongqing on October 20th, the clean and tidy village road, the wrong house, the beautiful view, the green belt, and the green belt, which has become the environmental remediation of rural people in Woshan County. Building a beautiful village. Since this year, Houkou Town has insisted on the implementation of rural people’s environmental remediation as a comprehensive construction of a well-off society and promoting rural residence. Through strong foundation, beautiful environment, tree industry, solidly promote rural people’s environmental remediation, build beautiful, livable Country, continuously enhance the people’s sense of gain, happy, safe.

  At the end of September this year, the town villages launched a beautiful rural construction implementation plan in Dongping Village.

"Now we are doing is ‘Sanqing Sanyi’, ‘Sanqing’ is clear Chen’s old garbage, clear sewage, clearing the wall, ‘Sanyuan’ is beautifying, bright, and purifies." According to the Secretary of Dongping Village Branch Ye Mao introduced that the human environmental political activity is mainly based on Dongping Village Yejia Group as a pilot. At present, the "three clear" work has been carried out, is doing green belt, planting flowers, hangs on characteristic identification slogans, etc. Beauty work.

  "The environment is good, everyone has benefited, and the peace of mind is also comfortable, and the village cadres take the lead together with us. Everyone works together. You see how much the environment in our village is now." The villager Yang Zhan said happily. One village is everywhere, and the rural environment is picturesque. Walking in the villages of the town of Denkou, it is not only clean, neat, beautiful village, but also the villagers, a happy smile.

"Next, the town will continue to focus on key tasks such as rural garbage, sewage governance and villages in villages, planning, demonstration, highlighting the characteristics, improve the mechanism, and strive to supplement the rural people’s environmental short board, speed up the construction of an ecology Residence in the beautiful country, the rural revitalization of the new picture, let the people in the town have more feelings in the revitalization of rural villages, happy and happy. "Liu Hongming, secretary of the party committee of the Town Town.

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