[Follow] Telling democracy, China has confidence, there is a bottom gas

[Follow] Telling democracy, China has confidence, there is a bottom gas

[Font:] On December 4th, "China’s Democracy" white paper was released. Through the content of the white paper, it can be clearly seen that China’s whole process people are in democracy, and there is a distinctive concept, and there is also a realistic reflection; both institutional procedures, also participate in practice; both promote China’s development, and enrich human political civilization, it is historical logic , Theoretical logic, practical logic organic unified democratic system.

The release of white paper has caused widespread concern in expert scholars. Everyone said that China actively responds to the people’s requirements and expectations, and promotes the progress of national progress in the people, lets people share the results of progress, and build more than 96 million square kilometers of land, more than 1.4 billion people, 56 people. Democratic system.

Telling democracy, China has confident, with a bottom gas.

It is a scientific and effective institutional arrangement white paper. It is pointed out that in China, the national systems are constructed around the people. The national governance system is a complete system for the people’s democracy, the whole process of the people. These institutional procedures form a comprehensive, extensive, organic-connected people as a master system system, build a variety, smooth, orderly democratic channel, effectively guarantee the party’s claim, the national will, the people’s willingness to unity, and effectively guarantee The people make a master.

"China’s democratic system is scientific and effective, because it is in line with China’s national conditions, and is reflected in the whole process of people’s democracy. The whole process of people’s democracy is not only a Chinese character, reflecting the concept of innovation of all humanity common value, but also one The real-purpose system for the real manner is a wide range of people’s extensive and orderly participation. "Liu Chenggong, deputy director of the Socialist Ideological Research Center of Xi Jinping, Shanghai, China, Director of the Party Committee of Donghua University," China’s democratic system reflects powerful governance efficiency. Institutional competition is an important aspect of comprehensive national strength competition. The institutional advantage is an important advantage in winning strategic active.

China’s democratic system provides important institutional protection for our party leading the people to create a rapid economic development miracle and a long-term stable miracle of society, fully highlighting our institutional advantages, and firm our institutional self-confidence, also indicating national governance system and governance capabilities The correct direction of modernization. "Wang Xiaofei, the special researcher of the Socialist Ideological Research Center of Xi Jinping, Beijing, China Institutional arrangements, it effectively avoids the old-style political parties to represent a few people, the shortcomings of the disadvantages, as well as the discussion, and unresolved, and unresolved, and the lack of supervision of a party lack of supervision, multi-party malignant competition.

She also believes that China’s new political party system respects both the will of most people, and take care of the reasonable requirements of a few people, broadening, smooth all kinds of interest expressions, comprehensive, real, and fully reflecting the suggestions of people in society, with co-ordination The advantages of all parties interests and coordination of all parties. It is a democratic white paper for extensive real management. The whole process people democracy, realizing democracy, democracy, procedures democracy and substantive democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, people’s democracy, the will of unity, is a full chain, all-round, all The covered democracy is the most widely used, most real, and most common socialist democracy.

"Democracy in real manages is fully reflected in government governance practice. A series of true specific measures have made people democracy to accompany the governance process, the people are more colorful, and the people of Nanjing University Government School of Management, Kong Fanbin For example, we can see that some specific laws and regulations provide normative guarantees for democracy used by real managements, such as in the "Administrative Licensing Law of the People’s Republic of China" People’s Republic of China Information Disclosure Regulations, The right to know in life and research activities has made clear regulations, and the costs used in these rights are getting lower and lower; some administrative institutions that reflect Chinese characteristics, such as the "Letters and Visit Ordinance" is easy to accept and use in the people. The people supervise the administrative power and claims the right to claim; some government governance innovation practices, especially in the innovation practices formed in the grassroots social governance, such as "complaints", 12345 government hotline, "up to one" reform, etc. For the people’s democracy, the participation is more convenient, supervising more timely, and responds to a more precise modernization. Zheng Xiaowei, the research center of Tianjin University of Science and Technology, said that on the one hand, in the one hand, all the powers of the country in the state of the constitutional legal political level belong to the people. The people can manage national affairs, manage economic and cultural undertakings, manage social affairs; on the other hand, to ensure that the national economic lifetime is in the hands of the people from the economic and social security level to ensure the people’s hands and ensure people. When home is a solid economic foundation and material guarantee.

Building a well-off society in an all-round way, built the largest social security system in the world, which has enabled more than 1.4 billion people to get rid of absolute poverty and move towards common prosperity. The people’s rights, development rights, and health right are fully guaranteed. Enriching human political civilization form white paper pointed out that there are many ways to achieve democracy, and it is impossible to be a thousand.

Use a single scale to measure the world’s rich political system, examine the colorful political civilization with monotonous vision, it is not democratic. The democratic concept of contemporary China and its system practice, from the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation’s five thousand years of civilized history, casting into the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communists, running through the struggle of the Chinese people revolution, construction, reform, Highlight the broad historical vision and profound people in the new era. Director of the Political Science Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zhang Shuhua, director of the Socialist Democratic Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that China’s treatment is the rule of the people, China’s development of democracy, always adheres to the people’s first, and insists on seeking truth from facts, insisting on the country’s actual road.

The democracy of the Chinese people, relying on the Chinese people’s own hands to create, from a long history of Chinese historical and cultural tradition, from the great political practice of the leadership of the Communist Party of China, from the vivid social life of the people. He believes that China’s democracy is a high-quality democracy, China adheres to the concept of "development relying on the people, developing the people, developing results by the people’s sharing", in promoting the development of national modernization, reflecting the people’s will, safeguarding the interests of the people, , Condense the strength of the people, becoming the premise and dependence of the people’s democracy in China.

"Democracy is not ornament, abstract, out of the substantive democracy such as the air chart, the appearance of the fancy, and looks better.

"Zhang Shuhua said that China’s democracy, from the actual needs of the people, respect the people’s reality needs, follow social development rules, and gradually innovate democratic implementation in the process of continuously satisfying the situation of people’s level of living standards, developing the whole process of democracy, Continuously improve democracy and content.

"China’s whole process people democracy as an advanced form of democracy, enriched human political civilization form, has achieved the world-famous achievements." Liu Leming, Associate Professor, Political Science and Public Administration College, said that China’s democracy can be at least three Aspects bring revelation to world democratic development: First, a democratic system is in need to match the social, economic, political, historical and cultural sectors of the country, so democratic system can sprout in the country. Fair; second, the intrinsic spirit of democracy requires the diversity of human political development, China’s whole process people democracy as a political civilization form, should be respected by other democratic forms of the world; Finally, human beings pursue the pursuit of democracy There is no perfect democratic system in the world. Any democratic system has to innovate and develop. Advance, with the times, the different democratic systems in the world should be learned from each other, and the long-term remedies, competing to develop, so that the world democracy is full of flowers, The fruitful results have made all mankind to enjoy the well-being of democratic politics.

(Source: Guangming Daily original title: Telling democracy, China has confident, with a bottom gas – experts scholars are hot discussion on "China’s democracy" white paper).